Martin and Lewis Video Shoot - Las Vegas, NV. November 2nd 2017.                             Photos by Sean Ryan.

  Meanwhile back in Toronto...

 The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto ON. October 27th 2017.                               Photos by Christian Bobak.

  Yesterday's Misadventures Promo Pics - Toronto, ON. May 26th 2016.                   Photos by Sean Ryan.

Yesterday's Misadventures Launch Party - The Cameron House - Toronto, ON. October 22nd 2016.   Photos by Sean Ryan.

Dora Keogh Pub, Toronto

Mitzi's Sister, Toronto

Village Vinyl, Toronto.

The Rivoli, Toronto.

Red Line Tap, Chicago

Mitzi's Sister, Toronto

National Underground, NYC

This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton

Dora Keogh Pub, Toronto

  Promo Pics - Toronto, ON. 2013.                                                                                  Photos by Joseph Michael.

  Yesterday's Misadventures Sessions - TA2 - Toronto, ON. June 8th 2015.             Photos by Sean Ryan.

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