On Saturday September 14th 2019, PCV Records in Oakville unveiled their Milk Crate Stage. James Clark was asked to play the debut in-store performance. Joined by Tim Gall on bass and captured for posterity by director Sean Ryan, here are the highlights from the show.

Recorded in quarantine, May 2020 during these strange and lonely Covid days. "Some day when I'm lonely wishing you weren't so far away."

Recorded in kinky kwarantine during June 2020. The JCI covers The Kinks.

The official video for the first single from 'Yesterday's Misadventures'. Produced by Moe Berg.  Director Sean Ryan offers up a fiendish visual romp as seen through the hazy glass of the Devil's punchbowl and a View Master slide reel. Toronto singer/songwriter Tanya Philipovich is featured as ‘the imp’.

Good grief! ... It's the  second video from The JCI's latest album, "Yesterday's Misadventures". Video directed by Sean Ryan. Song produced by Moe Berg. 

The fourth and freshest music video from The James Clark Institute. JC and Director Sean Ryan spent 36 hours in Vegas while the rest of the band relunctantly stayed home. See what shenanigans they all get up to. Song produced by Moe Berg. From the album Yesterday's Misadventures.

Director Matthew Dupuis recut this James Clark Institute video in celebration of the forthcoming JCI album, "Yesterday's Misadventures" in October 2016.

Song produced by Moe Berg (TPOH). Song first appeared on the JCI 7" single.

The JCI does TPF. Quarantine video #3 finds us waking up the neighbours with a groovy TV pop classic. C'mon get cranky!

The JCI pays tribute to Pete Ham and Badfinger during this rehearsal clip recorded (safely) in October 2020.

The brand new video for the brand new single. Director Sean Ryan takes you on a wild ride inside the head of James Clark.

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