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Shindig review issue 118


Photo by Sean Ryan.

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IT'S FINALLY HERE! After almost 2 years of blood, sweat, tears and lately a whole lot of sitting around, The Colour Of Happy has arrived. Available in both shiny, black vinyl and CD formats. Also available at all of your favourite digital platforms. Click on image to order your copy TODAY!

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The Colour Of SEXY!

NEW Colour Of Happy T-shirts have arrived! Available in both ladies and men's sizes. Order yours today and be the colour of sexy. Click on image.


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Shindig Review!

A four star review of The Colour Of Happy appears in issue #118 of (the UK's) Shindig Magazine. Thank you to Ben Graham for making our week. Look for our favourite Beach Boy, Dennis Wilson on the cover.

Originally recorded for the Sideshow Unattraction album but ultimately left off. It was then considered for the follow up EP, Son Of A Sideshow but didn't make it. It's been sitting in the vault... Okay I don't have a vault. It's been laying around for 13 years and I'm tired of tripping over it. It finally gets its banner day on December 3rd.

NEW Single (from the vaults)!

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