Photo by Sean Ryan - seanryanimages.com



"My mind has a mind of its own I think."

Should I Tell Her cdbaby single artwork
JCI Mask 1


Photo by Sean Ryan.

It's here!!! Download the new advance single now at the JCI Bandcamp page. 

Be sure and check out the new video for 'Should I Tell Her' on the official JCI Youtube page. Director Sean Ryan, who was responsible for all of the videos from the 'Yesterday's Misadventures' album, delivers a fresh new whimsical video romp through the mind of a certain James Clark.

Click on the newly added CLARTOONS page to view cartoon images from JC's cartoon brain. More images will be added infrequently.

"I could never draw from perspective."

James Clark Institute masks are now available for purchase at the JCI merch Bandcamp page. Better days are coming but in the meantime, stay safe friends. One size fits most heads.

JCI Masks! Face it, you need one.

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